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Our opportunities for Actuarial Science majors

Insurance and actuarial science. It may not be evident at first, but actuarial science is a critical part of how an insurance company operates. Protecting people from life's unforeseen risks is what our business is all about. Actuaries assess those risks and find ways to manage them. Since life is constantly changing, our clients' risks are continually evolving.

As an actuarial science major, you'll help us determine the risks we can take on, as well as price products, set reserves and partner with our business lines. In turn, Travelers will get you started on a focused actuarial career path, so you'll have the chance to develop into an actuarial leader.  

With the variety of skills you possess, you're eligible for many programs and positions at Travelers. Some of these opportunities include:

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Travelers offers a wide range of career opportunities in North America and Europe.

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What's it like to work at Travelers? Ask our program participants

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