Actuarial and Analytics
Leadership Development Program

Travelers is continuously seeking top actuarial and analytic talent to join the only insurance company recognized as a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. One outstanding asset of this company is the Actuarial and Analytics Leadership Development Program (AALDP). The AALDP is a challenging five-year rotational program that provides technical development, business knowledge and leadership experience. The program is supported by cutting-edge industry technology and infrastructure within a large actuarial and analytic community. The goal of the program is to attract, develop and retain future actuarial and analytic technical and business leaders for the company.

Program components

Travelers’ actuarial and advanced analytic employees are key partners in determining the strategies, risks and rewards of the company. To help prepare for these roles, the AALDP gives participants challenging rotational assignments in different core actuarial and advanced analytic functions across the Travelers organization where participants provide exceptional business value.

Some functions include:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Pricing and ratemaking
  • Product management
  • Reserving
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk segmentation

For those who are pursuing actuarial credentials, the AALDP provides outstanding exam support in the form of study hours, a study facility, books and materials, exam fees and salary increases. Our exam success rate significantly surpasses the industry average.

Training and development

Ongoing technical training and non-technical training is critical to developing expertise. The AALDP offers a tailored curriculum to each participant throughout the program in a blended learning environment.

AALDP participants may attend workshops in communication, strategic planning and effective leadership, as well as technical courses that are taught by our own actuaries and analytic experts.


Mentoring is another critical piece of the AALDP for the continuous formal and informal networking and relationship building that is needed throughout career development. While in the program, participants receive formal mentors, which range from the peer level through senior leadership. There may also be opportunities for participants to become mentors to incoming hires.


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree with a preferred GPA of 3.2 or greater
  • For those pursuing actuarial credentials, the successful passing of at least one CAS/SOA actuarial exam is preferred but not required
  • An actuarial/analytical-related internship or prior work-related experience
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Participation and initiative in campus or community organizations and activities

Suggested majors

  • Actuarial science
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Other analytic majors will also be considered


Positions are available in Hartford, Conn., Saint Paul, Minn., and Chicago, Ill.*

*limited positions

Summer internships

The Travelers Actuarial and Analytics Leadership Development Summer Internship Program provides highly motivated and qualified students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience, receive valuable on-the-job training and learn about the many actuarial and analytic professions available in the insurance

Our interns are often considered as future candidates for our entry-level actuarial and analytic careers within the company. They receive challenging work assignments that add value and impact the business.

In addition, the internship program includes:

  • The opportunity to develop professional skills
  • Interaction with various levels of leadership and management
  • Networking opportunities with our interns and employees
  • A mentoring program
  • A competitive hourly rate

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