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Market Development

Diversity Marketplace Group

The Diversity Marketplace Group strives to contribute to the success of our personal and commercial businesses by introducing Travelers and its products to a broader diversity of consumers and agents.

For more than 10 years, the Diversity Marketplace Group has been focused on developing new consumer and business market opportunities. Through these efforts, Travelers aims to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to being in-synch with the diversity and needs of consumers.

Focus Areas

> Appointing and developing agencies who serve growing, diverse markets.
Travelers works to identify and recruit new agents committed to serving diverse markets. To ensure their success, the company invests in their development through training, mentorships and the signature "Help Agents Grow" program.

> Providing services that meet the cultural needs of consumers.
By engaging diverse customers and agents, the company is able to fine-tune marketing and product delivery strategies that are more in-synch with the needs of consumers.

> Recognizing the business value of diversity.
The Diversity Marketplace Group actively works with the company’s leadership, employees, agents and external stakeholders to ensure that they understand the business impact of diverse markets and support strategies that embrace the power of difference.

In furthering its mission, the Diversity Marketplace Group works with a number of organizations:

  • Chinese American Insurance Association (CAIA) – Founded by insurance industry executives of Chinese heritage, the CAIA is comprised of more than 700 members from many well-established insurance agencies, brokerages and individuals living primarily in the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) Diversity Task Force – A cooperative industry group comprising IIABA agents and brokers, several leading insurance companies, and members of organizations representing Latin American, African-American and Asian-American agents. The Diversity Task Force's mission is to foster a profitable independent agency force that reflects, represents and capitalizes on the opportunities of the diverse U.S. population.
  • Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA) – Founded to unite and serve as a voice for independent insurance agents, the LAAIA is a strong network comprised of members of various backgrounds and different roles in the industry that strive for an insurance environment that is healthy for agents and fair for consumers.
  • National African-American Insurance Association (NAAIA) – NAAIA is dedicated to empowering African-American insurance professionals currently in the industry as well as increasing their numbers nationwide. The organization provides networking opportunities and continuing education for minorities who are employed by insurance companies or self-employed in the insurance industry.
  • NeighborWorks Insurance Alliance – A program within NeighborWorks America that aims to develop partnerships between the insurance industry and NeighborWorks organizations through various risk mitigation and educational programs. Through these partnerships, both work to bring economic stability and investment to the communities they serve.
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) National Magazine – Since 1971, SCLC National Magazine has been the official national publication of the SCLC. SCLC National Magazine is published quarterly and serves as a vital educational and informational link between the SCLC's national headquarters in Atlanta and its many chapters and affiliates throughout the United States.

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