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An Industry Leader

In Claim, we continually strive for excellence and are developing ways to help us become more than just a leader in the industry - we want to be one of a kind! Through our ongoing Claim initiatives, we are building on those strengths that will continue to make us stand above the rest.


Getting a car repaired after an accident is nearly as traumatic as the accident itself! You have to get the damage appraised, pick a repair shop, get your car to that shop and rent a replacement vehicle. Then comes the waiting and the hoping that your car will be fixed in a timely fashion and that the job will be done right the first time, while the rental charges mount.
Travelers has streamlined that process with the implementation of the ConciergeCLAIM program. This cutting-edge service offers a quick, convenient option for the appraisal, rental car and repair arrangements - all at one convenient location.
A Travelers representative will provide an inspection and estimate on the spot and handle all car rental arrangements on-site, getting the customer back on the road in about 20 minutes. The vehicle is then transferred to one of the company’s preferred auto repair shops to review the damage. Travelers monitors the progress of the repairs, handles all details and paperwork, and provides regular status updates to assure the customer that the vehicle is being repaired in a timely manner.

Catastrophe Response Team

At Travelers, our policyholders are always our top priority. That’s why we’re ready at a moment’s notice to help our customers when they need us most. In the event of a disaster, we rely not only on our dedicated Catastrophe Response Team, but on the strength of our 13,000-person Claim organization to help customers recover from losses to their homes, vehicles and businesses.
When a catastrophe strikes, we may call upon our Enterprise Response Team, a group of skilled volunteers from Travelers Claim field offices around the country, to supplement our Catastrophe Response Team in providing a swift, accurate response to our customers’ needs


TravComp is a unique workers’ compensation claim management process. It joins the work of co-located medical and Claim professionals to promptly handle, thoroughly investigate and fairly resolve workers’ compensation claims. The mission is to effectively manage loss costs, increase injured worker productivity as appropriate and assist employees in their safe return to productive work as soon as possible.
TravComp is recognized as an advanced and specialized approach to managing workers' compensation claims, with many business advantages for customers. Early assignment, advanced technology, a focused strategy for medically appropriate return-to-work and availability of network savings all play a part in helping to keep total loss costs under control.

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