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Why join Claim?

Our Claim team is driven by its core values:


We always do the right thing, understanding that integrity is the foundation all our other values are built on. We are open and honest in our dealings and we pay our customers what we owe. We give honest feedback to our colleagues and respect disagreements. We follow all applicable best practices and we understand that integrity is a personal commitment that goes beyond best practices. In all we do, we take pride in treating our customers, colleagues and business partners with respect and dignity.

“Integrity is doing the right thing despite any obstacles. We are a team, and everything we do has an impact on the overall outcome of any task at hand—be it on the front-end or resolution of any claim, investigation, litigation or subrogation effort. It's about taking responsibility, making good choices and feeling proud that you know you've done your part—all for the benefit of our customers and the reputation of Travelers.”
- Amy, Pittsburgh


We always make sure to look at the situation from the customer’s point of view. We take pride in our ability to set clear expectations and explain our decisions. We understand that customers have a choice and that our company’s success depends on our reputation for acting with honesty, empathy and dedication. We believe that our customers should be satisfied with our service even when outcomes are not in their favor. After all, our customers are why we are in business.

“Customer-centric behavior is not the result of a class taken but is an integral part of the culture of our organization. It means having genuine empathy toward our customers every day, for every claim. It means doing everything within our power to assist and expedite the claims experience.”   
- Lyle, Albany


We demonstrate discipline in our focused approach to financial management, execution, talent management and process improvement. We make decisions driven by solid data and rigorous analysis and execute with unwavering focus. We remain focused on long-term goals and never compromise standards for short-term gain. By acting with discipline in executing our strategies, Claim becomes a critical part of Travelers’ overall strategy for disciplined, profitable growth.

“As shareholders and employees, we have a vested interest in the success of Travelers. By exercising discipline in all that we do, we can make a difference one project, one claim, one policy, one person at a time.”  
- Angela, Houston


We take ownership of the claim through its entire lifecycle, with the understanding that each of us is responsible for both our personal work product and how it affects overall outcomes. We make sure to understand our role, learn who the stakeholders are and notify them early in the process. We act in the knowledge that Claim and our business partners have a shared responsibility for creating positive outcomes that drive profitable growth.


Everyone needs to do their best and work together for our overall success. By sharing resources and working as a team, we complement each other’s skills and accomplish much more than we can by working alone. We support each other knowing that we are mutually responsible for achieving successful outcomes for all stakeholders. 

“No one person can achieve success alone - it takes a team. When we work together we have the support and encouragement necessary to propel us forward. Each person brings a different strength that when combined together creates an impenetrable bond.”  
- Barbara, Albany


Ours is a culture that rewards resourcefulness and innovation. We pride ourselves on being open to creative solutions and intelligent risk-taking.

While we understand the importance of following established procedures, we always challenge the status quo and look for ways to do things better. Because we understand our role in Travelers’ success, we foster a culture of creativity and exercise a consistent sense of urgency in achieving our goals.

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