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Learning and development in Claim

Our Claim professionals, along with the knowledge and insight they bring to serve our customers, are a key competitive advantage for our company. As a result, we have continuously invested in employee education and training to attract, retain and develop world-class talent.

We offer extensive professional development opportunities that enable our employees to thrive not only as they begin their careers, but throughout their time with Travelers. Using a variety of methods – including live classroom, online coursework and virtual training sessions – we continuously find ways to develop the technical, system and leadership skills of our Claim professionals.

Claim onboarding

In addition to becoming acclimated to the requirements of a their positions, new hires to Claim will also have access to resources that will help them better understand Claim’s culture, values and strategies.

Claim University

Claim University, dedicated to providing technical training and professional development to all Claim employees, is an innovative educational center located in Windsor, Conn. Opened in 2007, the facility accommodates all forms of learning – from traditional classroom and hands-on experience to self-paced, virtual and blended learning.

As a hub of continual learning across the globe, the educational center welcomes thousands of Claim employees annually to gain hands-on experience with property, auto, heavy equipment damage, medical and liability scenarios. Through real-world simulations, our Claim professionals have the opportunity to  learn technical fundamentals and develop skills that will help them effectively engage with customers, agents, brokers and business partners.

Claim Professional Trainee/Operations Program

Travelers Claim Professional Trainee/Operations Program offers recent college graduates the opportunity to make a career out of helping our customers. Whenever Travelers policyholders incur a loss involving their homes, autos, businesses or personal property, they rely on one of our 13,000 highly trained Claim professionals to help them get their lives or businesses back together.

Developing Claim professionals will learn effective strategies for investigating, negotiating and resolving claims thoroughly, accurately and efficiently.

Program participants will undergo a structured training program consisting of classroom training at our Claim University and through online courses and on-the-job training. In addition, participants will be guided by mentors.

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