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Learning and Development in Claim

Claim strives to attract, retain and develop world-class talent. We are committed to the success of our Claim professionals and support them by providing the tools needed to achieve that success. 

We continually strive to offer training opportunities that will assist our employees not only as they get started, but throughout their career. Using a variety of methods such as live classroom, online coursework and virtual training sessions, we continue to find ways to develop the technical, system and leadership skills of our claim staff. 

Claim University

Travelers’ flagship Claim University training facility in Windsor, Conn. is designed to build on our long tradition of providing customers with highly-trained, expert Claim professionals. The 108,000-square-foot educational facility provides Travelers’ Claim professionals the in-depth training and expertise they need to provide knowledgeable, accurate and efficient claim service for customers and agents.

Twenty full-time staff training staff are located on-site at Claim University, augmented by subject matter experts from our nearby insurance operations headquarters and Risk Control lab. Claim University provides the opportunity for hands-on training for about 8,500 students annually through a variety of on-site labs, including: 

  • A property lab with two full-size, fully-furnished resident homes complete with full mechanicals; one full-size, fully-stocked commercial convenience store with full mechanicals; and numerous smaller-scale mock-up demonstrations showing construction detail to support material identification, damage reparability and installation procedures
  • An auto lab containing approximately 30 damaged vehicles to demonstrate various types of damage; working demonstrations of different auto mechanical, electrical and body systems; and a frame machine, lift and paint booth
  • An industry-first heavy equipment lab with construction equipment, crane boom, dump truck, tractor-trailers, refrigerated truck and numerous smaller mechanical mock-ups

In addition, through Web casting, video streaming and video conferencing, Claim University supports long-distance training for approximately 10,000 additional employees.

See Claim University in-person! Click here to take a video tour.

Leadership Link

The Claim Leadership Link brings together in one place a range of more than 600 corporate-wide and external tools for competency-based development designed to improve current skills as well as better prepare employees to take on new or additional responsibilities within the Travelers organization.
These resources offer options to individual contributors and their managers who are looking for meaningful development activities designed to promote leadership skills and behaviors. The series is designed to be flexible and includes offerings for all Claim employees, whether new to the world of insurance, a technical expert, or a manager working to develop new or build on existing skills.
The Claim Leadership Link resources will grow and change over time, especially as we incorporate employees' suggestions and feedback. It currently includes:

  • Online technology-based training: On-demand self-paced training as well as scheduled real-time web-based learning.
  • Traditional classroom training: Claim University and other corporate resources offer a full slate of live facilitated programs.
  • Websites and reading materials: Internal and external websites and competency-based readings for self-study, group study, research focused coaching or mentoring activities. 
  • Tools for trainers: These resources including training kits and our video lending library are available for loan to certified facilitators and HR representatives. 

myClaim Orientation

myClaim Orientation is an online tool designed to prepare employees for their new role within Travelers. It provides newly hired claim professionals with an overview of Travelers, the Claim organization and their individual business unit, as well as information about benefits and personal development. A “virtual assistant” guides learners through the program. 

Claim Professional Development Program

Travelers Claim Professional Development Program offers recent college graduates the chance to make a career out of helping our customers when they need us. Whenever a Travelers policyholder incurs a loss involving their home, auto, business or personal property, they rely on one of our 13,000 highly-trained Claim professionals to help them get their life or business back together. Claim professionals encounter issues involving auto, property, liability and/or workers’ compensation losses of all types on a daily basis.

Developing Claim professionals will learn effective strategies for investigating, negotiating and resolving claims thoroughly, accurately and efficiently. Understanding what happened, estimating damage, determining what coverages apply and helping our customer through the process are fundamental to this role. Program participants will undergo a structured training program consisting of classroom training in our state-of-the-art Claim University facility, online courses and on-the-job training. In addition, participants will be guided by mentoring individuals, especially as they learn to handle their initial claim assignments.

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