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How we're organized

At Travelers, the Financial organization is divided into two areas - one that serves our corporate departments and one that serves business units.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is responsible for the strategic financial issues associated with achieving the goal of increasing the value of the company to its shareholders while observing applicable laws and responsibilities. The various departments that comprise Corporate Finance are described below.

  • Controller: Responsible for consolidating, reporting and analyzing the actual financial results of the company’s operations, profit plans and periodic estimates of the company’s performance for Travelers management. Establishes accounting policies, interprets exposure drafts and official statements. Develops quarterly earnings release, annual report, financial statements, charts and performance analysis.
  • Corporate Accounting Policy: Interprets complex accounting standards and establishes policies that best meet the company’s needs by providing expert, authoritative perspectives on critical issues.   
  • Corporate Actuarial: Provides support and oversight functions to ensure that the organization maintains an adequate reserve level to pay future claim liabilities. Financial analysis support is provided in areas that are strictly financial in nature, such as the design and oversight of financial models for use in measuring actuarial applications. In addition, Corporate Actuarial provides responses to IRS audits and investment community requests, and reconciles published actuarial reserve information.
  • Corporate Audit: Corporate Audit's mission is to provide independent, risk-based internal control evaluations throughout the company. Our team of approximately 85 audit professionals provides audit assurance to our business partners across risks in finance, business operations, compliance and technology. An independent review of Corporate Audit by a "Big Four" firm noted that we are the "leading internal audit function within the U.S. Property Casualty industry." Working in Corporate Audit provides high potential individuals who possess the right background (CPA, accounting, auditing, technology or related experience) an opportunity to develop business and leadership skills, along with the opportunity to advise, facilitate and evaluate the business through Sarbanes Oxley and special project assessments. Travelers Corporate Audit has a proven track record of developing careers through strong relationships with our business partners. Career tracks include advancement within Corporate Audit as well as positions outside of audit. More than 100 Corporate Audit alumni are currently working in positions throughout Travelers.
  • Corporate Reinsurance: The Reinsurance division has developed a worldwide network of business contacts through various reinsurance activities. This alignment capitalizes on the existing business strategies, as well as contributing to meeting our international goals.
  • Corporate Tax: Leads worldwide tax planning, accounting, lobbying, compliance and audits. Manages tax litigation, researches U.S. and foreign tax laws, analyzes the impact of legislative and judicial developments, evaluates tax-sensitive business options and advises management concerning proposed transactions.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Responsible for the coordination of risk management across all categories of risk throughout the company and developing dynamic models that quantify and examine the interaction of these risks on Travelers capital structure. Ensures the coordinated, cross-departmental risk management approach that is required of Travelers is achieved. Creates and maintains a dynamic capital model that is used in the process of allocating capital to our products and business lines, as well as helping to ensure capital efficiency in concert with regulatory targets.  
  • Financial Management Leadership and Development Program (FMLDP): The goal of the FMLDP is to attract and develop individuals who are highly skilled in finance or accounting and have the potential to become future leaders of the organization. FMLDP graduates currently hold responsible leadership positions in Corporate Finance and all of our business segments. Opportunities exist for candidates with up to four years of professional experience. Learn more 
  • Financial Reporting: Responsible for assessing and analyzing real-time information located across multiple departments and business units, and delivering it to investors, creditors and regulatory organizations.
  • Global Treasury: Responsible for interest rate risk analysis, managing the funding of the corporation and capital management. The group executes funding, liquidity and interest rate risk strategies through structured transitions and the sale of debt products to our corporate clients. In addition, functions within Treasury provide economic analysis and research as well as insurable risk management.
  • Investment Accounting: GAAP and statutory accounting and reporting for the Company’s investment portfolio which includes fixed maturities, public equities, real estate, private equities and hedge funds.
  • Investor Relations: The contact for analysts and investors and is responsible for implementing a comprehensive investor relations program designed to improve the company's stock valuation.

Business units

Travelers has four main business units: 

Each business unit has its own CFO and dedicated finance team.

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