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Association relationships

At Travelers, we seek out opportunities to build relationships with technical organizations in our area to stay up-to-date on industry trends, technologies and best practices.

We also collaborate with community-based nonprofit organizations to increase opportunities for people to succeed. Travelers has developed relationships with the following organizations:

Connecticut Object Oriented Users Group (COOUG)

COOUG's mission is to promote awareness, understanding, usage and acceptance of object technology by the business and technical communities within the area. The group offers frequent exchanges of information, experiences and strategies that help software systems to become more flexible and more adaptive to the ever-changing business climate.

Courage Center

Since 1955, the Courage Center has provided camping programs for youth and adults with disabilities. Travelers IT leaders support Courage Center’s Technology Camp, where they have had an opportunity speak to disabled individuals about careers in IT.

Project Management Institute (PMI)

With more than 260,000 members in more than 171 countries, PMI is the leading membership association for the project management profession. 

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