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Why join IT?

More than 3,000 individuals have joined Travelers IT across the country. These individuals have a strong motivation to succeed and a professional and dedicated work ethic.

Why should you join Travelers IT? Here are five reasons:

A collaborative organization

We strive for a culture where all levels communicate to drive our strategic initiatives forward. Sharing ideas helps bring new and innovative approaches toward our success.

Tremendous room for advancement and career growth

Travelers is a fluid organization where we don’t believe in holding people back from new opportunities. We look to challenge our employees with new roles and opportunities in line with their career aspirations.

Bring your experience - Don’t just learn our way

Travelers actively seeks out talent at all levels to contribute to the overall success of the organization. We look for employees to share best practices and experiences they’ve acquired in their career. Your insight will help move Travelers forward.

A commitment to mentoring and ongoing training

Travelers has a strong commitment to the growth and development of our people. We work with individuals to acquire new skills and hone existing ones through coaching opportunities and formal training. Your success and growth directly translate into Travelers’ success and growth.

Dedicated to success

At Travelers, we have the expressed goal of being the No. 1 property/casualty insurer. All of our efforts at every level are committed to that challenge. We strive for a culture that puts that goal first, encourages and supports each other and provides strong leadership to accomplish our objectives.

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Travelers offers a wide range of career opportunities in North America and Europe.

Click on a link below to explore our current openings and discover a career at Travelers.

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A focus on innovation
Technology at Travelers

Our innovative IT applications allow us to set industry standards in product delivery and customer service.