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MBA Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions frequently asked by MBA candidates about Product Management opportunities at Travelers.

Q: What is a typical day like for a Product Management director?
A: As a director, you will take an active role in formulating and implementing region-wide strategies and/or managing countrywide strategic projects through data analysis that focuses on competitive behaviors, marketplace dynamics and pricing segmentation.

As a member of a regional Product Management team, you will work closely with Personal Insurance product managers on product pricing adjustments, rate change filings and market and competitive analysis. This role requires research, data collection and analysis, resulting in making and implementing decisions based on trends and patterns. 

Q: Is there a chance to interact with senior leaders?
A: Yes, as a member of the Product Management team you will have routine interactions with senior executives. You will also have the opportunity to present team initiatives to senior leaders.

Q: What is the typical project length and scope?
A: Projects vary significantly and their length can vary from a few hours to several weeks. In addition to the core functions of your job, you can expect to work on a multitude of interesting projects with other directors and product managers. Opportunities will also arise to participate in department-wide or enterprise-level projects.

Q: What skills are needed to succeed in this position?
A: We look for candidates with strong critical thinking and analytical ability combined with good time management and a willingness to learn. Successful candidates demonstrate leadership capabilities and are able to partner and influence others to achieve business objectives. Three to five years of prior, professional work experience is preferred.

Q: Do I need a solid foundation of insurance knowledge to be successful?
A: No. While an interest in or experience in insurance is preferred, it is not initially required to succeed.

Q: What training opportunities are available?
A: Travelers has a long-standing commitment to professional growth and development. As a director, you will be exposed to various training opportunities through classroom study, online training courses, peer training, collaboration and self-study. Some of the training topics include: insurance industry basics, job specific computer programs, best practice techniques, insurance product introduction and familiarity, and advanced insurance topics. 

Q: How many hours a week do you work?
A: A 40-hour work week is typical; however, meeting required deadlines on important projects may occasionally cause longer working hours. At Travelers, we understand the importance of a balanced life and believe our professional employees have the judgment to appropriately balance their time at work with other personal commitments.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Business casual is the norm. However, business formal is periodically required for significant events and presentations with senior leaders, investors or customers.
Q: How long do most people stay within the director role?
A: At Travelers we have a merit-based compensation and promotion system. With this system there is truly no “typical” time in one position. Performance ultimately determines opportunities for additional responsibilities and/or promotion.

Q: How much room is there for advancement?
A: The skills you develop through training and on-the-job experience can be applied to a variety of positions in a variety of departments. Therefore, individuals entering at the director level begin with enormous potential in the Product Management organization. Travelers encourages its employees to explore the company and individuals may be eligible for advancement opportunities both within Personal Insurance and laterally across the enterprise based on their performance.

Q: What types of volunteer and social activities are available through Travelers?
A: For those who wish to get involved, the Travelers Employees Club is a great resource for a variety of volunteer activities and social clubs. For more than 160 years, Travelers has been committed to the communities where we do business and in the greater global community. Our community support includes charitable grants, employee volunteerism, civic contributions and a commitment to the environment.

Q: What is the management like? 
A: Travelers has great leaders who treat people with trust and respect. These leaders manage to find the balance between giving people independence to accomplish great things and providing the guidance to help them do it.

Q: Why should I choose to join Travelers as a Product Management director? 
A: Product Management directors are given significant responsibility and impact our bottom line. New employees are given all of the tools, training, and support to succeed in their position. They will be exposed to all levels of management in the organization and will be encouraged to bring their ideas to the table.

Q: Where is the position located?
A: Positions are located in Hartford, Conn.

Q: What is there to do in Hartford and the state of Connecticut?
A: Both Hartford and Connecticut as a whole offer a wide variety of activities and are conveniently located between New York City and Boston. For more information about Hartford and the state of Connecticut, please visit the following Web sites:   
Life at Travelers - Hartford 

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