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Meet Michael, Regional sales director

I’ve been working at Travelers for 19 years. I initially started at the company because it seemed like an organization with a wide array of opportunities, as well as a place that rewarded intelligence and hard work. My career path here certainly reflects that – I started as a benefits specialist, was promoted to an underwriter and then progressed into Sales. Now I’m the New England regional sales director with responsibility for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

What I like about Travelers

My career at Travelers has been challenging, rewarding and integral to my life. I am passionate about improving the way independent insurance agents do business. I’m also relentless and driven to make these improvements happen. I like my role because I have the opportunity to coach others, think big picture and strategize, but also have a sense of the tactical pieces necessary for success.

I tell the agents I work with that we are all in a wonderful business. Without us, no one else is in business. Go anywhere in America and independent insurance agents thrive. We are integral to our communities and are one of the most central elements driving American commerce.

A day in the life

My days typically include an enormous amount of travel between the three northern New England states. In fact, I average more than 4,000 miles a month. My primary responsibility is to coach and develop my team. We have a full team teleconference once a week, during which we review current initiatives and marketplace conditions. I also schedule one-on-one meetings with my team each week, which include reviews of their agency assignments and role plays of various agency visit scenarios, and participate in ridealongs once a week to further develop my staff's sales skills. Finally, I make time to review my staff's work product, including call reports, agency diagnosis information and agency planning documents. I use this information to further develop my staff's strategic and tactical thinking.

In addition to coaching and developing my team, I attend meetings twice a month with our management team and twice a month with my Business Insurance counterparts. I also spend twice a month meeting with our product team in order to develop and refine our statewide strategy.

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