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Meet Charles

Claim Center vice president in Chantilly, Va.

I accepted a position at Travelers because of the Claim leadership team. I thought – and still do – that they were amazing leaders and I wanted to be on their team. In addition, the Claim Center vice president position sounded ideal for me.

A satisfying job

My job is very satisfying because of the people I work with and the opportunity I have to make a difference inside and outside our company. As vice president of the Chantilly Claim Center, I am responsible for creating an environment that allows our claim professionals to outperform our competitors in the delivery of claim services.

I firmly believe that satisfied employees create satisfied customers. I love the company’s commitment to work standards and production of a quality project. I think the conviction and alignment of our senior leaders truly make our company unique.

An enjoyable job, too

What do I enjoy most about my job? The people I have the privilege to work with, the involvement with marketing, the integrity of our company, the opportunities to work on meaningful projects, the challenges of my position, the partnerships, how we value collaboration to succeed, the level of innovation, our core values … everything. I thoroughly enjoy my job.

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