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Meet our finance professionals

Introducing Doris

Name: Doris
Title: Director, Corporate Tax
Years at Travelers: 17 
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Life at Travelers is diverse. You can fulfill your professional goals here because of ample opportunities available to take on projects within your department, work on cross-functional projects with others outside of your department or even participate in inhouse courses to sharpen your skills.

In addition, you can fulfill personal goals through volunteer activities like Habitat for Humanity, educational activities like the foreign language club and extracurricular activities like the company sports teams.

The people make the company

The people who work at Travelers are what make our company so unique. I think we try to attract and retain talented people who care about the company and its success, which translates into their own success.

As a manager and a longtime member of the company, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many employees throughout the organization. Being a manager has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved and I understand others better, which is helpful in all aspects of my life.

Working in Corporate Tax

I currently work in the Corporate Tax department and am primarily involved in tax consolidation and corporate reporting. My position gives me a better understanding and appreciation for the company as a whole and allows me to see what our peer companies are doing.

Throughout the day, I review various documents, including corporate tax returns, employee benefit analyses and consolidated tax provision analyses. I troubleshoot any problems that come up, like transactions that need to be analyzed immediately. The challenges I encounter on a daily basis help keep things interesting. Periodically, I also meet with my staff to keep in touch with our department’s priorities and workload. At the end of the day, I head home and start my other job – being a parent to two young children.

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