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Meet our Finance professionals

Introducing Pamela

Name: Pamela
Title: Audit Program Director
Location: Hartford, Connecticut

As an audit program director, I act as a risk consultant and advisor to Claim, one of the company’s lines of business. That means I assess risk and control on a company level, monitor changes in the business units, and assess the impact those changes could have on our current control environment.

I also prepare quarterly monitoring reports that highlight key developments and recommend a course of action, identify and communicate risks to the appropriate senior leaders, and train and develop others in the application of various audit and risk assessment techniques and accounting principles.

What I like about my job

I enjoy the sociable nature of my job. Specifically, I enjoy building relationships with senior management from across the organization and our external auditors. I especially enjoy when I can add value to the lines of business within the company by helping them identify issues and implement solutions for a more controlled environment.

Additionally, I like mentoring others within the company. Mentoring is important to me because helping someone to further their career development gives me a sense of purpose and the feeling of giving back. The fact that my work can make an impact on someone else excites me.

Life at Travelers

Travelers offers enormous career opportunities in a fast-track environment that attracts talented professionals. Travelers is unique in that it truly rewards high achievers and pays for performance. I’ve definitely experienced this in my time at Travelers, during which I went from a temp in the Investment department to where I am today.

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