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Meet our IT professionals

Sarah, vice president, Operations and Systems

Name: Sarah
Title: Vice President, Operations and Systems
Years at Travelers: 4.5
Location: Hartford

Life at Travelers is dynamic, challenging, fast-paced and fun! When I interviewed here more than four years ago, there were (and still are) a lot of exciting things going on. The company had a great foundation and rich history, but also wanted to change the way they were approaching the management of IT. I wanted to be a part of that.

The best job in the company

I often think I must have the best job in the company! I consider myself very fortunate because every day is different. As a vice president in the Operations and Systems division, I have overall responsibility for all of our IT global sourcing vendor management. I also have responsibility for what we call “enterprise capabilities,” which means I help our company improve how we deliver projects to our business customers.

Finally, I recently gained responsibility for overseeing our IT Leadership Development Program (ITLDP). The ITLDP is an accelerated four- to five-year rotational program that emphasizes leadership development for highly motivated young professionals looking to pursue a career in Information Technology. It’s a chance for me to contribute to the future leaders of the company.

What I like about Travelers

I enjoy the culture at Travelers and the pace of things. The insurance industry and Travelers itself have been around for more than a hundred years. But we are an ever-evolving company with an eye toward changing and flexing to meet the demands of our insureds and agents. It’s exciting to be part of an organization with this focus.

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