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Gregg, An Account Executive at Northland

Name: Gregg
Title: Account Executive
Years at Northland: 5
Location: St. Paul

I started at Northland Insurance, a subsidiary of Travelers, right out of college. Insurance is in the family and I realized being a rock star was not as easy as it sounds. So I did the next most logical thing – I moved to Minnesota to work for an insurance company.

Throughout the five years I’ve been at Northland, I’ve progressed from a claim analyst to a claim representative to an associate account executive. I’m currently an account executive in the Transportation Underwriting unit.

A Job with Versatility

There are few jobs that have the versatility that mine has. As an underwriter at Northland, I talk to customers and agents on a daily basis, assist in strategic marketing, promote and influence agency management, help produce underwriting policies, assist in the design of systems and processes, manage business flow, evaluate risk, analyze lines and books of business, negotiate contracts and market the best insurance products and services in the marketplace. I have yet to have a dull day of work in the five years I’ve been at Northland.

It’s All About the People

Why did I accept a position at Northland? The people – hands down. This organization is home to some of the classiest and friendliest people around. I can’t walk down the hall without saying hello to every other person I see. I simply work with too many talented and fun people.


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