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drewTravelers was my first job out of college. I was recruited from Babson College in Boston into the Financial Management Leadership Development Program (FMLDP). I accepted the position because I knew Travelers was a company that didn't just say it was a meritocracy – people here are promoted based on their past successes. I knew that opportunities to advance were available.

I was impressed that Travelers was willing to take risks on its employees and give them challenging projects.

As part of the FMLDP, I worked in yearlong rotations in the Specialty Claim and Personal Insurance divisions. I'm currently in my last rotation in the Capital Management division within Corporate Finance. It's an exciting position where I analyze how Travelers can best optimize its capital structure. In Corporate Finance, I've been able to see how the work I did in my previous FMLDP rotations affects the company at its highest levels. I've learned that the leaders in our finance organization are willing to listen to ideas from all levels of experience throughout the company, and I think that's rare for an organization of our size.

I love that my job is constantly changing each day. Even though the work is challenging and keeps me busy, it's clear that people here realize the importance of a work-life balance. I typically begin my day by checking email, and then I work on projects and attend meetings with internal teams and outside vendors. My day ends around 5:30 p.m., and if it's still light out, I enjoy hitting the golf course or driving range.

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