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More about Eduard

My career at Travelers began in 2001, when I interned in the IT department during the summer. Toward the end of August, I received an offer to start full-time in the Information Technology Leadership Development Program (ITLDP) upon graduating the following spring. Because I enjoyed my area, the managers I worked with and what I was doing, I accepted the position. It felt natural to accept. Plus it was a huge bonus to have a job lined up with two semesters to go before graduation.

Life in the ITLDP and Beyond

During the last six years, I have held eight different positions at Travelers as part of the ITLDP. I was given the opportunity to rotate through many different areas, work with a variety of people and become exposed to multiple facets of our organization. To say the least, I have been able to experience many different flavors of Travelers while executing different responsibilities.

After graduating from the ITLDP, I took a position as an engineering manager. I have been given the opportunity to figure out how we do capacity planning for our enterprise distributed environment infrastructure. This means I have to size up the computing needs of our current applications and, with the help of my business partners, determine how we'll meet the required demand in time as they grow, deploy new applications and introduce new functionality.

My current responsibilities require that I understand many components of our infrastructure and the technologies we use to support the business, along with having the analytical skill set to identify patterns and trends in past historic data. The most important part of my job function is the corporate entrepreneurial spirit I must have in order to drive something new.

Working with Friends

The culture at Travelers is unique. The people are a large part of the culture. Someone is always willing to lend a helping hand if you need one. I have developed many great professional and personal relationships during my time at Travelers. I have been able to get to know many individuals who have taught me a great deal and made it a truly enjoyable work environment. When you are able to work with individuals you consider your friends, it becomes a whole lot of fun.

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