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Jill LynTravelers makes insurance interesting. We’re a company that assesses risk in innovative ways. But even though we’re one of the largest providers of property and casualty insurance products in the United States, we hire people with unique backgrounds.

There seems to be a stereotype around the type of people who work in insurance, but that stereotype doesn’t exist at Travelers.

As part of the Talent Acquisition function, I get to take part in hiring the unique individuals who work at Travelers. My job includes interviewing applicants, building relationships with colleges, marketing Travelers externally and helping orient the people we hire. It’s a position that allows me to be creative, while giving me the chance to share information about our company’s opportunities and identify top talent.

Life here is fast-paced. I start my day by catching up on email and voicemail while preparing for any meetings I have. I spend much of the day networking with other people and departments to complete my tasks. This is done face-to-face or by phone or email. I also attend many conference calls with my counterparts in Hartford to communicate project status and provide location updates. I usually go to lunch with one of my colleagues or grab a cup of tea with them in the afternoon. After work, I volunteer at one of several community organizations or go to the gym.

In the year I’ve worked at Travelers, I’ve realized that our company places a lot of importance on employee development. I’m a participant in the Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP), and I’ve had the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of human resources throughout the company. Travelers strives to provide employees with opportunities that continue their development, improve their performance and are on par with their career goals.

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