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While in the U.S. Army in 1998, I attended a Junior Military Officer's Hiring Conference. I received some information for a job with Travelers Bond and I signed up for an interview the next afternoon. I was drawn to the company by the opportunity to conduct financial analysis, contract underwriting, marketing to agents and building relationships with both agents and construction companies.

An Emphasis on Leadership

After several roles in the Construction Services and Commercial Surety units, I am now the regional vice president for Bond & Specialty Insurance in the Midwest region. I’m essentially responsible for any and all business activities that we conduct within our region. This position demands a high emphasis on leading people throughout the region. We have extremely talented staff in all of our business units and in turn, the business planning, mentoring, coaching and professional development related to these individuals is a very satisfying process.

Recognition for Military Service

I have had the unique experience to step back from Travelers and see how great it is to be here everyday. I’ve been here for nine years, but also away for two of those years serving twice in the support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jay Fishman, Chairman of Travelers, has personally taken a tremendous interest in me as one of his "great Americans" who serve our country. He has sent me personal correspondence following a meeting with the senior leadership of the U.S. Armed Forces, letting me know how proud he was of my service to our country.

This recognition of service is hallmark of the Travelers organization, which Mr. Fishman has built into the corporate culture. Recognition of employees at Travelers for their military service doesn’t come only in terms of heartfelt appreciation. Every day that I work at Travelers, it is proven to me that the company values the leadership training and experience of former and current members of the military. I realized this firsthand when I was stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Senior management included me in a field of very qualified candidates many years senior to myself for the regional vice president position I currently hold. The interviews were scheduled at flexible times, so that I could fully participate in the process even while overseas.

Treating Me Like Family

Before my deployment to Afghanistan, members of my team held a send-off celebration for me and my family. More than 200 employees attended. And during the deployment, I received emails from coworkers on a weekly basis. My local office called my wife on a daily basis as a token of friendship and support. Ten employees even pitched in and helped my wife and children move into another house after we sold ours. The Travelers community truly has treated us like we are family.

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