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After 31 years at Travelers, I still enjoy my job and look forward to coming to work each day. As director of auto claim education, I am constantly challenged to create and improve courses that leverage multiple mediums as we seek ways to get education information to our claim reps faster. These challenges keep me and my team fully engaged as we work to anticipate the training needs of our organization.

A Focus on Training

After holding a number of positions in our claim organization, the opportunity arose within Claim University to build a new auto training program. I jumped at the chance as I wanted to make sure we had a program that could prepare our staff in both technical as well as service skills. Through this opportunity, I became involved in helping create and develop our leading-edge educational facility. The facility enables Claim University to give Travelers’ claim professionals the in-depth training and expertise they need to provide knowledgeable, accurate and efficient claim service for customers and agents.

Participants in our training program learn all the facets of auto claim handling, such as how to investigate, complete proper documentation and to appraise auto damage through a variety of technical courses conducted in the classroom and through practical hands-on training. I continue to look for ways to enhance our state-of-the-art program with the use of updated technology and the introduction of new courses. Our current initiatives involve finding ways to offer more training online as preparatory material, refresher courses or “just-in-time” training for employees who have finished the classroom courses and are now beginning to work in the field.

It’s All About People

Why have I stayed in our claim organization for more than 30 years? I guess, because I enjoy working with people. Claim is all about people, whether it is interacting with fellow claim professionals or with our customers, you have to be a “people person.” In my current position, I have the opportunity to interact with fellow employees throughout the entire claim organization. I particularly enjoy helping trainees realize that they are the face of Travelers. In many cases, it is likely they will be the only Travelers employee that our customers will see in a face-to-face setting. Image is everything!

With that said, our claim professionals should be focused on providing exceptional service, and our training provides them with a safe environment to perfect their customer service skills. It’s important, especially for employees in our claim organization, to realize that Travelers fulfills the promise we made to our customers; that we will be there when they need us most. For the last 31 years, that is what I have been focused on – fulfilling that promise.

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