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More About Salvatore

Salvatore started his career at Travelers nine years ago. He is currently a Senior Case Manager in the Account Resolution department.

1. Describe what you do at Travelers.

I am a Senior Case Manager who handles resolution of bankrupt and special collection accounts. My department works closely with the Legal, Marketing and Claim departments in order to resolve complex account issues. Overall, my objective as a case manager is to protect Travelers’ financial interest in the most cost-effective way.

2. Why would someone want to do your type of job?

As a Senior Case Manager, I take on challenges each day to resolve complex issues, work on interesting projects and function in a fast-paced environment with a strong, dynamic team.

3. What makes Travelers unique?

Travelers is unique because of its ability to adapt to the changing financial environment. The company is dedicated to improving work processes and development. Travelers is an industry leader and very understanding of balancing business and family life. I think I work for an awesome company.

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