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More About Susan

After graduating from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I just knew that I wanted to work in a corporate environment. When I received the opportunity to begin my career at Travelers as a claims adjustor, I jumped in not knowing what I was doing. After working for a short while, I quickly realized that there was a whole world of opportunities within Travelers and the insurance industry. There were so many career paths to choose from and they were all accessible to me.

My First Position

I worked for two years as a claims adjustor, a position my first supervisor described as a “jack of all trades.” I took this position because it offered a variety of key components that I was interested in – law, investigation, real estate, marketing and sales.

After two years, I realized I wanted to be involved in marketing and sales. In order to gain the necessary experience, I transferred to an underwriting position within our Select division. I then took a lateral move to an account executive position in Technology and am now the sales executive for that business unit.

The Exciting World of Marketing and Sales

There’s so much excitement working marketing and sales. The basis of what I do involves meeting agents and promoting our products. Before scheduling an appointment with an agent, I do a lot of research and presentation preparation. I meet with an agent and discuss our products, answer questions and resolve any ongoing issues. Once I leave that agent’s office, I head out to visit a second agent, then to lunch with a third and sometimes even manage to visit a fourth before rush hour starts. My office is the car; the trunk is my desk filled with brochures and promotional gadgets.

After meeting with agents, I coordinate with my coworkers to prepare a quote – there are a lot of moving parts to this process and it has to look effortless to the agent. Once a quote has been presented, my basic sales responsibility is to close the deal, establishing what it will take for us to get the account. That entails a lot of communication between me, the agent, the Risk Control department and the underwriters. When it all comes together, I sit back and relax.

Capitalizing on a Great Career Opportunity

Initially, it was difficult for me to get past the stigma of working in insurance, but this isn’t the old fuddy duddy days. But I’ve come to realize there are a lot of young, enthusiastic individuals looking to capitalize on a great career opportunity waiting for them at Travelers. The company prides itself on providing transition and growth opportunities. It’s definitely a challenging work environment, but you have the chance to learn with an approach tailored to your personal career path.

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