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Program Differences

Our leadership, development and graduate program opportunities are selective and engaging career development programs. These opportunities have attracted hundreds of talented participants, many of whom now hold crucial leadership and technical positions throughout the company. While each program offers tremendous career opportunities, there are some differences between them, which are outlined below.

Leadership Development Programs

Travelers Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) are available in the following areas: Actuarial and Analytics, Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology and Insurance Operations.

The core program curriculum consists of multiple enrichment opportunities, including:

  • Rotational assignments: Individuals take part in multiple, increasingly complex rotations that can last from six to 24 months each. LDP rotations provide individuals with a broad base of experience and skill sets upon which they continually build.
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities: The LDPs provide individuals with numerous networking opportunities with leadership, program alumni and current program participants. In addition, participants take advantage of the knowledge and experience of both peer and senior management mentors. These mentors guide and assist participants with their exposure to leadership opportunities and career development. These experiences occur within each functional discipline and during cross-program activities. Many community service initiatives foster this interaction as well.
  • Ongoing training and personal development: Travelers' focus on continuous education provides participants with a variety of learning opportunities. Each LDP offers function-specific technical training, along with a core curriculum focusing on leadership skills. Throughout the entire program, participants also receive significant individual development planning, personal coaching and a variety of assessments.
  • Capstone project: As LDP participants near the completion of their programs, they have the opportunity to work on a relevant business issue with a cross-functional team composed of other senior program participants. Their findings and recommendations, which may be implemented across the enterprise, are presented to high-level executives.

Development Programs

Travelers Development Programs are at the core of what we do – whether it be pricing and marketing our products, underwriting or auditing and resolving claims. With positions available across the country, Travelers Development Programs offer a wide variety of personal and professional growth opportunities, career paths and challenging projects.

Components of our Development Programs include:

  • Focus on training and development: Many of our Development Programs are designed for individuals with little or no insurance experience. Travelers offers professional development and training that focuses on building thorough knowledge of our company and the insurance industry, in addition to specialties such as actuarial concepts, sales knowledge or claim professional skills that are specific to each program. Participants receive training in a variety of formats, including on-the-job, classroom, online and one-on-one coaching.
  • Mentoring relationships: Travelers believes it is vital for Development Program participants to learn from senior management, experienced team members and peers. Many Development Programs offer mentoring relationships, either structured or informal, where participants are paired with mentors and encouraged to meet regularly to further their career development. Mentors are often able to provide support as program participants move from training to working on their own.
  • Opportunities across the enterprise: Development Program positions are offered across most of our business units in Hartford, Conn., Saint Paul, Minn., and many of our field offices throughout the United States.

Graduate Programs

Travelers offers several Graduate Program opportunities, designed for individuals in law school or graduate school. These opportunities provide a more specialized focus, depending on your area of study.

Ready to apply for one of our leadership, development or graduate program opportunities? Click here.

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