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Repairing more than just your car

Journey to recovery

They're the words you hope to never hear: Your child has been in a car accident. You suddenly enter a disorienting world where your only real concern is the welfare of your child, but you still must deal with the details of medical bills and auto repairs. The strain can be tremendous and exhausting as you work to put lives back in order. But you don't have to do it alone.

A ray of light

If you're a Travelers auto customer, you'll have a caring and compassionate claims team working throughout your ordeal to ease your worries and lighten your burden. Our claim professionals pride themselves on seeing things from the customers point of view. If you need help with the auto repair process, they're there. If you need help understanding the way the insurance process works, they can help with that too. Or, if you simply need someone to help you make sense of what you need to do at this confusing time, they're available to talk it through.

Above and beyond

Good claim representatives are always going a step beyond, thinking about how to make things better for the customer. It's not just about following a process, it's about helping customers in their journey to recovery.

Watch one family's journey to recovery

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Helene's Story

Watch one family's journey to recovery