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Driving innovation

Since we opened our doors in 1864, Travelers has established an industry standard of anticipating risk. We're constantly looking ahead to meet customers' evolving needs, whether in 1897 when we insured the newly invented automobile, or today as we insure the latest in renewable energy technologies.

Our ability to offer innovative protection from accidents and risk, and our commitment to ensure superior customer service, have brought us to the forefront of the insurance industry.

The first of many

Americans rely on the protection of auto insurance today. But it began simply in 1897 when Travelers issued the first automobile policy to a mechanic who had built a one-cylinder car. That was the beginning of many innovations we've introduced over the years as our understanding of the industries we serve grow and customers' needs change. We're always striving to use that knowledge to deliver a better experience and product.

A history built on customer needs

Customer needs are at the center of everything we do. As a result, Travelers has a long history of ideas that focus on ways to help protect customers and put their minds at ease. Travelers was the first to establish a training school for insurance agents. We were also first to set up employee-staffed claim hotlines and an office of consumer information to answer customer questions about their policies. Our values and unwavering commitment to our customers were apparent then just as they are today.

Always thinking ahead

As the needs of our customers evolve, so does available technology. By leveraging the latest advancements, Travelers is able to spot potential risks that customers face and provide a deeper level of protection.

Travelers was the first insurance company to develop an interactive company/agency computer system, which led to other breakthrough developments for the industry. Travelers also developed the first automated fraud detection system to help battle insurance fraud, and issued the first policy to protect individuals using online banking through their PCs. Today we're at the forefront of the wind, solar and other renewable energy industries, providing coverage for a full range of exposures such as feasibility studies, construction and ongoing operations.

More protection with less worry

From individual auto, home or valuables protection to tailored business solutions with specialty or workers comp needs, Travelers will always be a step ahead of our customers' needs.

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