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Protecting the world's rarest treasures

For over a century, our customers have turned to Travelers for our size and experience in the industry. From individual policies for valuable items to surety bonds for construction projects large and small, Travelers has been the trusted choice in keeping the world?s most valuable treasures safe and secure.

Projects of monumental proportions

When the Statue of Liberty needed refurbishment and the Hoover Dam needed work, a Travelers surety bond was relied upon in each instance to ensure the successful completion of the project. From national monuments and massive highways down to small construction projects through our specialties in Construction Services - Travelers makes it possible to undertake small scale projects to monumental refurbishments with confidence.

Rare, distinctive and one of a kind

In 1925, Travelers issued its first all-risk inland marine policy for the jewelers block, used to insure jewelry during transit. Soon, Travelers became a trusted source for protecting rare, one-of-a-kind items like the world famous 726-carat Jonker diamond, the first great diamond ever cut in the United States.

Through the years, many other people have turned to Travelers, seeking the protection and security they know only Travelers can provide to protect their valuables. From a handcrafted concert Stradivarius viola to a truly unique sapphire carving of President Lincoln, Travelers spells peace of mind for those looking to safeguard their most precious belongings.

Protection you can count on

Whether taking on a national project or one in your backyard; protecting the Jonker diamond or your first diamond - Travelers has been the trusted name that individuals and businesses look to for coverage that takes away the worry.

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