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Putting a family back in business

Nestled in the remote town of Carlsbad, New Mexico is the family-owned Larez restaurant. Opened more than 40 years ago, the restaurant has become a familiar local establishment known for its homestyle cooking.

Each day owner Dora Larez rises early and prepares the same recipes her local clientele knows and loves. So when a fire damaged the restaurant's property and forced them to close, Dora feared she would lose the life she and her late husband worked so hard to build together.

An immediate response

As soon as Travelers property claim professional Dave Harrison heard about the loss, he immediately began the drive to Carlsbad. Having worked with other small businesses, Dave understood the anxiety and stress his property customers faced. For many owners, the potential loss of business or cost to rebuild could end up destroying everything they'd built. So to help alleviate their anxiety, Dave made a point of starting the recovery process without delay and staying in touch with the Larez family throughout the process. He knew that time was a critical factor to any business. And that each day the restaurant was closed was one more day the Larez family's customers would be eating elsewhere.

Putting fears to rest

The potential loss of business and inability to pay employees weighed heavily on the minds of Dora and her daughter Kathy. Like many business owners, they had no experience dealing with the myriad intricacies of insurance claims, assessments and property damage.

Yet now, they were completely at a loss of what to do and what it could cost their small family business. But their fears were instantly laid to rest the moment Dave arrived on scene. Dave kept in constant contact, calling every day up to the day of the grand reopening. He worked as if it was his own business at stake. And because of Dave's expertise and knowledge, the Larez Restaurant was back in business after 2 short weeks.

Open again in no time

With minimal interruption and effort, Dora was able to reopen and continue to do what she knows and loves. Dave's expertise and open communication made it easy for the Larez family to trust that their business was in capable hands. Dave Harrison's commitment to do right by his customers captures the spirit of service that Travelers strives to deliver to every customer. At Travelers, we stay focused on what matters most to our customers to help take their worries away.

See how we helped put a family back in business

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The Larez Family's Story

See how we helped put a family back in business