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Fraud Alert

Lottery Scam Using Travelers Insurance and Travelers Indemnity Name

Travelers recently learned about a lottery scam operation in the United States that is using the Travelers Insurance Company name.  In this scam, victims receive a letter from “Indemnity Financial -A Subsidiary of Travelers Indemnity Company” indicating that they have won either, (1) a “North American Prize Pool” valued at $250,000 or (2) a Readers Digest, Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes valued at $65,000.  The letter is accompanied by a counterfeit Travelers Insurance Company check and an “official” claim number.  The letter instructs you to validate the check with the claim number by calling a named individual at a specific phone number.  Once contact is made you are instructed to deposit or cash the check and then send a portion of the money via Western Union as part of a tax payment.

If you receive one of these or a similar letter, please do not respond.  The letters and checks are fraudulent and are in no way associated with Travelers.  Travelers does not offer, sponsor or endorse any sweepstakes of any kind.  The Travelers Internal Investigations unit is investigating this mail fraud and is working law enforcement authorities in the United States and Canada.

All recipients are encouraged to send the original letter, check and envelope to Travelers Internal Investigations at the following address:  Travelers Internal Investigations, One Tower Square, 10MS, Hartford, Connecticut  06183.  You may also contact us by phone at 860.954.3869 or 860.277.2307.

Every day, more people become victims of identity theft and mail fraud.  To learn more about fake check scams, please read National Consumers League’s brochure at  Additionally, you can learn more about identity theft on the FTC’s Website on identity theft at



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