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America's Debt Crisis

Travelers is taking steps to raise awareness and to inform the public policy discussion about the facts of the United States federal deficit and its implications for the American opportunity. The Travelers Institute has collaborated with public television to present "Overdraft", an award-winning one-hour, nonpartisan documentary that highlights the growing national debt and its critical implications for individuals and U.S. economic competitiveness.

The national "Overdraft" University Symposia Series is challenging students to think critically about the national debt. Learn more about the series.

View the two-minute "Overdraft" documentary trailer
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Jay Fishman - 100 Words

Travelers Chairman & CEO
Jay Fishman shares his family's American opportunity story

President Bill Clinton
100 Words

President Clinton takes on the most pressing of all federal debt issues: Healthcare

Senator Kent Conrad
100 Words

Senate Budget Chairman
Kent Conrad shares his concerns about the urgency of the debt crisis

Gov. Mitch Daniels &
Mayor Cory Booker - 100 Words

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Newark, New Jersey Mayor
Cory Booker discuss the significance of the debt crisis and the balancing act required to address it

Senator Judd Gregg
100 Words

Former Senator Judd Gregg addresses the challenges Social Security faces today and in the future

"Overdraft" trailer

View the two-minute "Overdraft" documentary trailer

Peterson Foundation
2012 Fiscal Summit

Travelers Chairman & CEO
Jay Fishman at the Peterson Foundation's 2012 Fiscal Summit

Jay Fishman Presentation
November 2010

Travelers Chairman & CEO
Jay Fishman speaks in Washington, D.C. in November 2010 about the federal deficit and its potential impact on economic opportunity in America

Economic Summit & Outlook 2013

Travelers Institute President
Joan Woodward headlines the Connecticut Business & Industry Association's Economic Summit in Hartford, Conn., previewing "Overdraft" deficit documentary


Several economic, business and political leaders are featured in the documentary. They include:

For more information about the materials presented in "Overdraft," please visit the websites below:


Original artwork created for "Overdraft" and featured in the documentary.