"Overdraft" University Symposia Series Launches at the University of Pennsylvania

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Travelers Chairman and CEO and Wharton alumnus Jay Fishman (Middle) joins the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School's
distinguished faculty members Michael Useem, Richard Marston, Jeremy Siegel, and Kent Smetters (L to R) for a discussion about
the U.S. debt during the launch of the Travelers Institute's national "Overdraft" University Symposia Series on October 8, 2012.

University of Kansas School of Business

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Travelers Institute President Joan Woodward introduces "Overdraft" to an audience of 300 undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Kansas School of Business in Lawrence, Kansas on November 5, 2012. Woodward joined a panel featuring Kurt Watson of The IMA Financial Group, Inc., Professor Robert DeYoung of Kansas University, and Jill Docking of Wells Fargo to discuss the nation's debt crisis. Students pressed for specifics on policy options for the future and asked how their generation and others can each help bolster long-term economic growth. Panelists discussed prospects for monetary and fiscal policy tools and highlighted the opportunities for young people to learn from the financial crisis and current debt situation to help build a more resilient economy.

Central Connecticut State University

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Speakers and panelists gather at an Overdraft screening at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), where they engaged in a discussion with students on policy options for bolstering economic growth, the politics of implementing those options, and the various uses of debt both for the federal government and the average citizen. (L:R Back Row) CCSU Economics Chair Carlos Liard-Muriente, CCSU President Jack Miller, Travelers Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Andy F. Bessette. (L:R Front Row) CCSU Business School Dean Siamack Shojai, Travelers Institute President Joan K. Woodward, CCSU Professor Lisa Frank, and Travelers Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of International Anthony Torsiello.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Nov. 8, 2012

"Overdraft" University Symposia Series

The Travelers Institute has launched its national University Symposia Series, which offers screenings of the deficit documentary, "Overdraft," on campuses across the country and invites students, faculty, and staff to join the conversation about the U.S. debt crisis. Panel discussions at these events, featuring faculty experts and Travelers leadership, examine this important issue and encourage students to think critically about the significant fiscal challenges ahead. The series was proudly launched with the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and Penn Institute for Urban Research and made possible through the partnerships of the dozens of academic centers and programs listed below. The Travelers Institute is also pleased to offer student screenings in collaboration with The Can Kicks Back (TCKB), a non-partisan and millennial-led campaign to defeat the national debt and reclaim the American Dream.

The Travelers Institute is pleased to partner with the following universities, schools, and programs. Click on each school for more information about that event.

Students and others can view "Overdraft" here on the Travelers Institute website or on local public television stations through August, 2014. Check your local listings. For more information, please contact Jessica Legnos, Travelers, Manager of Public Policy Initiatives, at 860.277.0903 or jlegnos@travelers.com.

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