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Treaty reinsurance

When it comes to our treaty reinsurance approaches, one of the most popular and seamless ways to provide equipment breakdown coverage is by maximizing underwriting authority. Through “spread of risk” pricing and high attachment, we offer affordable solutions to nearly any book of business while attempting to deliver high profitability and less underwriting referral work. With a collaborative working relationship, efficient information flow and diligent underwriting, our treaty reinsurance products almost manage themselves.

Facultative reinsurance

When the clock is ticking on a single account, we can jump in to help you find the right facultative solution fast. Some of our long-time treaty reinsurance clients started as facultative customers. If you choose facultative reinsurance, you’re always backed by our Client Access commitment and are eligible for any variable ceding arrangements.

Another financial advantage of choosing facultative reinsurance is that you can start placing your equipment breakdown coverage with us today. With a standard submission and 24 hours to quote most risks, we can quickly provide a competitive, best-in-class proposal for your underwriter to include in their property proposal.

Equipment breakdown services

Equipment breakdown services

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