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All industries share a common exposure: key equipment breakdown. A single exposure can cause an unplanned equipment outage that shuts down an entire location. The outage at one location could also affect multiple locations and, ultimately, the financial success of a company.

Travelers BoilerRe offers risk control services that can help your clients identify risk and avoid business interruption. We can provide them with insight into the condition and maintenance requirements of equipment based upon surveys we conduct across a broad range of industries. Our risk control consultants can also identify equipment exposures, develop meaningful loss prevention recommendations and support your clients’ efforts to keep their equipment in operating condition. Other risk control services include helping your customer understand:

  • Equipment fabrication standards
  • Equipment protection technologies
  • Maintenance standards and practices
  • Condition monitoring technologies
  • Visual and remote inspection techniques
  • Non-destructive testing technologies
  • Contingency planning
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