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Because technology can mean the difference between service leaders and followers, Travelers BoilerRe Risk Control continually invests in our service platforms. We want to provide you and your clients with industry-leading risk control solutions. We also understand that your changing needs are vital in shaping our coming innovations. Making risk control services better, faster and easier for you are the true goals of our technological excellence.

Risk control technologyJurisdiction Online

Leveraging Praeses’ Jurisdiction Online™ software suite, Travelers BoilerRe Risk Control uses advanced location matching techniques to efficiently identify your clients’ locations requiring jurisdictional inspection. Since Jurisdiction Online™ is used by more than half of the states in the United States as their official information system, our risk control consultants are able to access real time boiler and pressure vessel information to schedule, perform, and distribute jurisdictional inspections. The use of Jurisdiction Online™ allows Travelers BoilerRe Risk Control to manage your client’s jurisdictional inspections faster and more accurately, giving your clients added peace of mind.

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