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Whether it’s sharing risk on a commercial lines book, evaluating a farm portfolio, building an underwriting box for a managing general agent, or underwriting a steel mill, BoilerRe combines our deep experience with a focus on your unique coverage requirements. Our risk segments include “Main Street” businesses, farmowners, homeowners, large manufacturers, municipalities and risk retention groups. Please review our Equipment & Coverage Guide to see the other client segments we support.

Here are a few traits that make BoilerRe underwriting stand apart:

Broad authority

Portfolio (treaty reinsurance)

Because BoilerRe wants the vast majority of your equipment breakdown business to be managed in your shop, we work with you to establish broad underwriting authority to minimize referrals and needless delays.  We evaluate your equipment breakdown book attributes, performance and our knowledge of the segment to create an authority that lets you act independently and efficiently on a daily basis. When a referral is needed, it’s urgently supported by your BoilerRe designated underwriter.

Transactional (facultative reinsurance)

Equipment breakdown providers often promote expert underwriting, yet may not provide quick and effective access when needs arise. Our more than 40 seasoned underwriters are local decision makers and provide flexible underwriting solutions in a timely fashion. They are equipment breakdown experts with broad authority and work to meet or exceed your service expectations.  

Direct access

While you probably value the advanced technology support necessary to serve a variety of businesses, you should also expect your equipment breakdown provider to support you like an in-house department. That means you will always work directly with your dedicated BoilerRe representatives day in and day out.

Fast and quality-minded underwriting

You need the right underwriting responses quickly. Our goal is to provide clear and definitive solutions within 24 to 48 hours on most submissions.  For highly-specialized risks, your dedicated team of underwriters work with you and your team to expedite a customized equipment breakdown coverage solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality in the name of speed.

High risk industries

We continually refine our risk assessment approach for high risk industry segments to provide you the best in underwriting services. For more than a century, BoilerRe has leveraged the experience of our underwriting, risk control and claim professionals to develop the creative and tailored solutions needed for your non-boilerplate risks.

Our top-tier underwriting services include:

  • Thorough technical risk reviews
  • Access to leading BoilerRe industry risk evaluators
  • Center of Excellence industry trend information
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