CyberFirst for Public Entities - Customizing Insurance Coverage For Your Cyber Exposures

Cyber threats continue to grow and represent a serious challenge that any public entity could face

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Just as a public entity would not go without an insurance policy to protect itself from a fire, it shouldn't go without protecting itself from cyber risks. CyberFirst offers a flexible approach to meet many of the specialty insurance for cyber protection:

  • Network and information security liability
  • Communications and media liability
  • Expense Reimbursement

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In addition to financial loss, a breach can halt a public entity's operations, create legal issues and damage customer confidence. Damages from these events can be devastating to your entity's budget or image.

If a public entity has any of the following, then it has cyber exposures to be addressed through risk management, insurance and/or self-insurance: 

1.  Website or computer network system
2.  Personally identifiable information (PII) of others -- including but not limited to social security numbers, dates of birth, driver's license numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses - stored in either an electronic OR paper format
3.  Laptops, smart phones, pagers or other communication devices used by employees for a public entity's activities operations
4.  Human capital (employees) who may intentionally or accidently release private confidential information of others which in turn is used for criminal purposes (depleting bank accounts, credit card abuse, stolen identities...)

Do you have liability concerns?

SOLUTION: CyberFirst Network & Information Security Liability Coverage - This cutting-edge coverage protects the policyholder against claims for loss caused by the failure to prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, data containing private information of others (residents, customers, vendors or other third parties).

The Network & Information Security Liability coverage also protects the policyholder against claims for loss cause by the failure to:

  • prevent the transmission of a computer virus
  • provide access to authorized users of the policyholder's website or communications network
  • prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, data containing private or confidential information of others
  • provide notification of a security breach as required under a security breach notification law

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Do you have infringement concerns?

SOLUTION: CyberFirst Communications & Media Liability Coverage - This broad coverage protects against infringement of copyright, title, slogan, trademark, trade name, trade dress, service mark or service name in the policyholder's covered material. The form also covers unauthorized use of any advertising material, or any slogan or title, of others in the advertising of the business, premises, products, services, work or completed work of others. In addition, plagiarism or unauthorized use of a literary or artistic format, character or performance in the policyholder's covered material is included.

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Do you have expense concerns?

SOLUTION: CyberFirst Expense Reimbursement Coverage - This optional coverage provides important first-party protection for your business. Choose from the following:

  • Security Breach Notification and Remediation Expenses
  • Crisis Management Service Expenses
  • Business Interruption and Additional Expenses
  • Extortion Expenses
  • Computer Program and Electronic Data Restoration Expenses
  • Computer Fraud
  • Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Telecommunications Theft

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There is a need for a strong defense

  • Be proactive - It is important for a public entity to protect itself before an incident occurs.
  • Turn risk into an advantage - When you get ahead of your cyber risk, by anticipating and preparing for it, you avoid disruptions and reduce costs. Your business continues with less interruption and creates a competitive advantage.
  • Claim Management - Our Business Torts claim group is dedicated to handle specialty claims so you have expert support when needed.
  • Incident Response Support - To help prevent and respond to cyber events, our specialized web portal — Travelers eRisk Hub® powered by NetDiligence® — provides prevention tools, tips and resources as well as post-event benefits to our policyholders. Click here to learn more about Travelers eRisk Hub powered by NetDiligence.

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