Cyber events happen every day
Is your business protected?

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Consider the following:

- Your employee accidentally—or deliberately— sends an email containing private customer information.

- An employee laptop containing private customer information is lost or stolen during travel.

- A hacker gains unauthorized access to your network and steals private customer and employee information.

Cyber events like these can have a significant impact on your customers, your employees and your bottom line.

And it’s not just big corporations that are at risk. In fact,
1 in 5 small businesses, with less than 250 employees were targeted with attacks in 20131. The costs associated with these events can reach millions of dollars to cover legal defense, legal settlements, lost business, notification costs and more2.

The potential for cyber event is real regardless of the size of your organization and the worst thing your organization can do is ignore the risk


"Only large organizations are targets."

Not true. Cyber criminals do not discriminate and often target small businesses, as confirmed by recent reports from Verizon and Symantec. In fact 31% of all breaches in 2012 occurred at organizations with 100 or fewer employees.1

And targets of these attacks include all types of organizations, such as financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, technology companies, government agencies and more.

1Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report.

"We've never had an issue before."

Just because it hasn't happened before, doesn't mean it won't ever happen.

Cyber events are on the rise, and no organization that utilizes technology to conduct business is immune. According to the Symantec 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, the number of targeted attacks increased 91% in 2013.

"We're protected because we outsource our IT functions. "

Outsourcing management and security of your company's network or data does not transfer all risk or limit liability.

If a cyber event results in damages to your customers or employees, your company will get sued first.

As the original data owner, your organization is ultimately responsible for any attack on or breach of its network, systems and information. Most jurisdictions will likely hold your company, not your vendors, liable to protect sensitive data whether it’s breached on site, in transit or at remote office locations.

"We have state-of-the-art systems and keep them secure."

Securing your network and data may not provide sufficient protection.

Taking the necessary precautions to prevent attacks and breaches can help minimize damages. But even the most sophisticated systems and security measures cannot prevent all criminal activity or accidental exposures.

Cyber insurance is a critical part of your plan that can help mitigate the associated expenses of a cyber attack or data breach.

When faced with a cyber event, will your business be able to recover?

Travelers has cyber insurance solutions that provide coverage and resources to help your business address the potentially devastating impacts of a variety of cyber events.


1 Symantic 2014 Internet Security Threat Report
2 NetDiligence® 2013 Cyber Liability & Data Breach Report


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