Storm Sandy recovery resources

Assess the damage

After the storm has passed, conduct a quick assessment of your property for structural integrity, electrical hazards, flammable gas or liquid releases or other hazards. If you are unsure whether it’s safe to re-enter the building, hire a qualified professional to assist with the initial assessment. Consult your disaster recovery plan and assemble a team to help prioritize recovery efforts.  If you do not have a disaster recovery plan, visit for guidance on next steps for restoring your business operations immediately following a storm.

Prevent sewer backups

In the event of flooding or a higher-than-normal water table due to heavy rains, sewage could back up through plumbing fixtures located in a basement or lower level.

Take temporary mitigation measures

As soon as it is safe to do so, take immediate steps to prevent further damage to your building, equipment and stock:

Individuals involved in cleanup and restoration activities should be aware of potential dangers and  take necessary precautions. Hazards may include electrical hazards, carbon monoxide, strains & sprains, fire, falls and more.

Additional resources

Report losses

In the event of a loss, customers should report claims directly to Travelers as soon as possible after the storm. It is not necessary to have policy numbers or complete loss information. The sooner we learn about losses, the sooner we can help. Go to or call 1.800.238.6225

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