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Sampling Equipment

No equipment? No problem.

We have all the sampling equipment you need to conduct effective air and noise sampling. Plus, pump rentals and media are free when you send your samples to us! Convenient and timely - we make sampling easy.

Free Pump Loans

We have more than 800 air sampling pumps, meaning that equipment is available when you need it. Pump loans are free* as long as you return your samples to us for analysis. Unlike other labs, you also get to keep the per-sample price you always pay! Read more.

What's Included?

  • Low-flow (0.0 - 0.3 lpm) or high flow (0.5 - 3.5 lpm) pumps
  • Sampling media
  • Primary standard calibrator
  • Sorbent tube holders
  • Connecting tubes
  • Accessories (impinger, impinger solutions, vials/bottles)
  • Manufacturer's instructions

Perm Pump Management

For continuous sampling, we will loan you the equipment for a longer period of time FREE of charge. Just send your samples to us and keep on using the pump as long as you like.

To order:  Air Sampling Order Form or call 800.842.0355
(First-time users, please call Tate Berkan at 800.842.0355 ext. 6877404).

* FREE pump loan users: Please return equipment within 2 weeks of receipt. If you need an extension, please call 800.842.0355. Rush deliveries (within 3 working days) will incur an additional charge of $75 above standard shipping rate and overnight or 2nd day will incur $100 above standard shipping rate.

Pump Loan PlusSM

Our Pump Loan PlusSM program (for insureds only) is a virtual consulting program that includes free pump loan supplemented with technical assistance from a certified industrial hygienist. Log in to the Risk Control Customer Portal to learn more or call 800.842.0355.

Instrument Rental

Purchasing and maintaining industrial hygiene equipment can be costly. That's why we offer equipment to rent for a nominal price on a weekly and daily basis.

What's Available?

  • Noise dosimeters
  • Sound level meters
  • Octave band analyzer
  • Gas detector pumps (Dräger)
  • Dräger short-term tubes
  • Dräger diffusion tubes
  • Diffusion tube clips
  • Heat stress monitor
  • Smoke tube kits

To order:  IH Equipment Rental Order Form or call 800.842.0355
(First-time users, please call Tate Berkan at 800.842.0355 ext. 6877404).

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