Drivinghealthy.org promotes the importance of driver health and wellness

Commercial driver health and wellness is an issue that affects the safety of the transportation industry, which directly relates to on-the-road safety for all motorists. Travelers has a research partnership with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, a leader in transportation safety research. With the high number of commercial truck drivers that have lifestyle-related health issues, DrivingHealthy.org was created as a resource for the industry to help improve overall driver health that can lead to safer driving conditions for everyone on the road. Travelers and Northland now sponsor the website.

Issues for commercial drivers are found in diet and healthy food choices, lack of exercise, and quality and quantity of sleep. For example, overweight drivers are less likely to wear a seatbelt putting them at a greater risk of injury in an accident and as many as 28 percent of truck drivers are at risk of moderate to severe sleep apnea, which can cause drivers to fall asleep at the wheel and increases their crash risk.*

DrivingHealthy.org has customized tools for commercial drivers, such as a Super Tracker food and fitness planner, a Drowsy Driving Quiz and Sleep Diary that helps to recognize the dangers of sleep apnea. Many of the tools offer apps that can be downloaded to a smart phone. These resources include information on finding and making healthier food choices, tips on exercising during the workday and what you can do to get better quality sleep while on the road. Visit DrivingHealthy.org to learn more.

For more information about driving and health, be sure to check out our technical bulletin, Driver Health and Wellness.

*Source- http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/VTTI/reports/CaseStudySleepApnea_Final%20Report%2009282012.pdf
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