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Take control of your SDS management and compliance with MSDSonline®

Jim, a press operator at a large manufacturing company, was using a new iron press that the company had purchased to imprint company logos on its products. After using the press for a few weeks, it had accumulated excess dye and debris.

Before cleaning the press, Jim looked for the paper Safety Data Sheet (SDS), but it was not in the company’s SDS binder. Assuming it had been misplaced, he decided to go ahead and clean the press without taking any special precautions. 

As Jim started to clean the press, his hands and forearms began to burn intensely. By the time he received medical assistance, he had already sustained severe chemical burns. Unfortunately, Jim was unable to return to work for a few weeks.

The company had to pay a workers compensation claim and fines for not complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Hazard Communication requirements.

Jim’s accident was preventable, and while there is no substitute  for an effective hazard communications program and training, access to accurate SDSs would have highlighted the need for proper protective equipment while using this cleaning solution.

According to OSHA, more than 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. In fact, OSHA lists Hazard Communication as their number two violation (2007). More efficient SDS management and timely accessibility for employees is critical in reducing unnecessary workplace accidents.

That’s why Travelers has an alliance with MSDSonline® to offer Travelers’ customers access to MSDSonline’s database of more than 3 million SDSs. You can access, search, locate, save and print an SDS. There is no charge to use this service and it can be accessed through the Risk Control Customer Portal.

MSDSonline’s on-demand SDS management solutions are designed to help you maintain a compliant electronic SDS library. In addition to housing the leading online SDS database, MSDSonline delivers a comprehensive suite of SDS management, deployment and reporting tools to help you simplify OSHA compliance requirements and supply your employees with critical safety information.

In addition to free MSDSonline database access, Travelers policyholders can take advantage of special pricing on MSDSonline’s leading MSDS management and compliance products:

GM Account – Ideal for single-user/single-site administration. The GM Account provides easy-to-use, on-demand tools to build, organize and maintain an electronic SDS library. It can provide your company’s online management system for SDSs, enabling you to organize your MSDS inventory the way that makes sense for your business by product groups, storage locations, chemical inventory, regulatory categories — however you want.

HQ Account – Ideal for multi-user/multi-site administration. The HQ Account delivers a centralized, fully compliant SDS management and employee right-to-know deployment solution. In addition to all of the management features of the GM Account, you receive an easy-to-use search interface, which enables your employees to have read-only access to your company or site-specific SDS library. Because it’s online via the Internet or your internal intranet, it’s available around the clock.

Take advantage of MSDSonline

MSDSonline offers SDS management solutions that will help you stay compliant and help to lower the potential risk around workplace accident and injuries. To take advantage of this offer, call toll free 1.888.362.2007 to speak with an MSDSonline compliance expert, who can help determine the best solution for you. Be sure to identify yourself as a Travelers policyholder.  To access the free MSDSonline database, log in to the Risk Control Customer Portal on and click on “SDS Search” in the left navigation bar.

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