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The truth of the injury matter: workplace ergonomics

Workplace ergonomics involves the application of basic workplace principles to help address a worker’s discomfort, chronic pain or injury. Good ergonomics does not always mean obtaining new furniture or equipment; a large part of ergonomics involves workstation arrangement, equipment orientation and employee work habits.

An effective ergonomics process can help you identify those job tasks and workplace factors that can put employees at risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These types of conditions can result in additional expenses and lost productivity for your company. Addressing the risks should be a business imperative. Establishing a good ergonomics process can help reduce the frequency of MSDs, address ergonomic risk factors and concerns, and control workers’ compensation costs.

Our Risk Control Customer Portal offers risk management resources that provide a wealth of information about ergonomics and some of the risks that may be inherent to your employees and business.