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The truth of the injury matter: ladder safety

The improper use of a ladder, or using an object other than a ladder to reach an item, can result in serious injury due to over-reaching or falling. Most accident statistics suggest that workers abuse and misuse ladders in the workplace as a rule, rather than the exception. This results in tens of thousands of injuries from ladder misuse occurring annually.

Following key practices of ladder safety can help prevent a potential injury. Inspect a ladder for cracks, loose rungs, slivers and sharp edges prior to every use. If the ladder appears to be in poor condition, do not use it. Use caution while carrying or moving ladders. Practice team lifting if the ladder is too long or heavy for one person to move. Ladders should be carried horizontally rather than vertically, unless it is lightweight or under eight feet tall. Ensure ladders are set on firm ground and against a solid support during use. Always completely open the step ladder and make certain it is stable before using it. Do not stand higher than the second step from the top, and never stand or sit on the top step.

Our Risk Control Customer Portal offers specialized risk management resources designed to help you reduce risks and losses caused by improper ladder use.