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The truth of the injury matter: slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of injury for businesses and workplaces. The risk of injury is especially a concern to businesses with considerable foot traffic. Employees and other third parties on your premises – visitors, customers, vendors, contractors and subcontractors – could be at risk of a slip, trip and fall accident or injury. These incidents are likely to occur particularly where unsafe conditions exist.

Major hazards associated with slip, trip and fall injuries are slippery surfaces, holes or broken surfaces, poor drainage, spills, and slippery conditions due to mud, ice or water during inclement weather. Irregular foot traffic patterns or blind corners at your business or workplace can also add to the risk of a slip, trip or fall accident. Falls are often the result of both unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. The first line of defense is to remediate the condition that could increase the likeliness of this type of accident.

Our Risk Control Customer Portal provides you with access to products and services that can help your business manage slip, trip and fall risks inherent to your employees and other patrons of your business.