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Self-Service Resources

Helping Customers Raise the Bar on Safety

Our secured Risk Control Customer Portal offers registered customers a variety of resources, including:

  • Model programs, technical bulletins and guides;
  • TravSources® – a collection of resources in one complete package designed to help customers manage exposures related to specific industries or topics; 
  • Newsletters;
  • Supervisor talks, loss lessons and success stories;
  • Checklists, forms, stickers and tags;
  • Training CDs, DVDs and online programs; and
  • Self-assessment risk management tools.

Travelers Virtual Risk ManagerSM (VRM) is an online self-assessment tool designed to help customers assess risk and set action plans.

Travelers Virtual Risk ManagerSM   
helps customers evaluate their safety practices. Based on a customer's responses, VRM customizes an action plan and offers helpful resources to assess safety gaps. VRM is designed to help ensure safety success. The action plan can be accessed online or printed.

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