Employment best practices

Employees can be one of your most valuable allies in reducing risk and maintaining a safe business environment.  When you hire the right people, you protect your reputation and bottom line.  That’s why Travelers offers useful tools to help you through the hiring process.


  • JCP® Job Candidate Profile™
    Learn about our pre-employment screening tool that measures attitudes and personality traits that, according to research, may be associated with safe, dependable and productive job performance.
  • Employment Practices Guide
    Implement appropriate controls to prevent an employment practices liability (EPL) claim and provide your employees with a fair work environment.
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Policies
    Review a sample motor vehicle record (MVR) policy and learn why these records are important.
  • Hiring Practices that Discriminate 
    Help ensure your hiring practices don't discriminate illegally by reviewing the employment application and interview process.

After the hire

The wrong person for a job can cost your company money. According to the Small Business Administration, for every $1 invested in personnel screening, $5 to $16 is saved in reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, lower turnover, safer working environments, reduced insurance premiums and decreased employer liability. Before you decide which person to hire, you need to be sure he or she has the knowledge, skills, abilities and characteristics for a ‘good’ hiring decision.

Thorough screening and selection practices alone do not guarantee that an employee will be a successful, injury-free employee on the job, but it is a good start. It’s important that these practices are only a part of a broader loss prevention program. Learn more about hiring best practices.

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