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Having the "must haves" this holiday season

Three ways to help ensure your inventory is on time, every time

The holiday season is the most important time of year for many retailers. Taking the following steps now can help keep you in business long after the peak shopping season.

1.  Perfect your plan

Every savvy shopper has a plan for buying the perfect gifts. Do you have a plan for making sure those must-have gifts are available on your shelves throughout the shopping season? Now is the time to know which products will be in big demand and plan your holiday sales strategy so those key items are available. Your plan should include:

2.  Know your suppliers

Do you know where your inventory comes from? If you have not done so in the past, take some time now to know your suppliers. Their reliability is more important than ever and they need to come through to make sure you have what your customers need. By having the right products available at the time, your customers will likely come back year after year. Ask your suppliers these questions:

3.  Build backups

Having a backup for when something goes wrong can help keep your holiday customers happy. Identifying your backup strategy to fill any gaps in your processes is vital in making sure you have what you need on your shelves at this critical time for your business. At minimum, your backup plan should include:

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