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Continuing education

Continuing Education

To support the learning and Continuing Education Credit (CEC) needs of agents and brokers, Travelers Boiler & Machinery offers our proprietary continuing education course titled "Equipment Breakdown Insurance — Boiler 101". Our three-hour CEC course is tailor-made to make the complicated and confusing world of equipment breakdown insurance easy, interactive and fun.

Travelers Boiler & Machinery offers this course in a variety of settings at no charge to our agents and brokers. We conduct face-to-face continuing education training at conferences, trade shows and even your office. Classes are subject to a minimum number of attendees and other qualifications.

"Equipment breakdown insurance — Boiler 101"

This isn't your typical continuing education course. Our training is fast-paced and easy to follow. Better yet, our unique instruction and quizzing approaches mean you'll actually have fun learning.

"Equipment Breakdown Insurance — Boiler 101" addresses key equipment breakdown topics such as:

Boiler basics

  • What types of equipment does equipment breakdown insurance cover?
  • How can I identify and better understand my customers' mechanical and electrical systems exposures?

Emerging technology

  • How does new and changing technology affect my customers' equipment breakdown protection needs?

The nuts and bolts of equipment breakdown insurance

  • What are the covered causes of loss, frequent and otherwise, for equipment breakdown insurance?
  • What are the main causes of equipment breakdown?

Equipment breakdown coverages made easy

  • What direct coverages does an equipment breakdown policy provide?
  • How important are business interruption and extra expense coverages to my client?

How can I take advantage?

Contact us at, and we will have a local instructor assist in scheduling our course for you and your colleagues. It's that easy.

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