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Inland Marine — Additional offerings

We offer a wide array of insurance offerings that stand alone or can complement our focused industry segment products. A majority of businesses have a need for inland marine coverages to insure specialized equipment that will be used at a fixed location or can travel to, and be used at, another location. This includes equipment related to transportation and communications (e.g., computers, medical equipment, cell towers, bridges).

Additional industries we serve include:

  • Communications
    • Broadcasters equipment and associated property
    • Cellular towers and other communications
    • Mobile communication trailers
    • Radio and TV towers
  • Manufacturing, distribution and retail
    • Exhibition and transportation
    • Installment sales
    • Jewelry and furriers
    • Leased property
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Signs
    • Warehouse
  • Municipalities and education
    • Bridges
    • Computers
    • Fine art and valuable papers
    • Maintenance or sports equipment
    • Miscellaneous scheduled property
  • Specialized equipment and floaters
    • Bailees
    • Computers
    • Equipment dealers
    • Medical and scientific equipment
    • Miscellaneous scheduled property
    • Processors
    • Railroad rolling stock
    • Riggers liability

For industry groups and associations with a target market approach, consider the expertise and services of our Program unit.

Our offerings include services that support the individual needs of each business. The Inland Marine Network manages risk control and claim services plans and even offers consultations with our Specialty Investigations Group as needed.

All of our inland marine products are available for businesses of all sizes, including domestic and global capabilities.

For more information, please contact us.

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