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Ocean marine insurance — Travelers QUAY Marine Agreement

The QUAY Marine Agreement is an insurance contract specifically designed for the unique requirements of luxury yachts valued at $1 million and greater. Favorable policy language includes:

  • Captain/crew coverage (including Jones Act)
  • Extensive navigational limits
  • Reduced deductible after a loss-free initial term
  • Deductible waived for:
    • Collision caused by another vessel
    • Fire not originating from your yacht
    • Provable manufacturer's defect
    • Loss resulting from assisting another vessel in imminent danger
  • No deductible for:
    • Tenders carried on board
    • Navigational electronic equipment
    • Personal property (for you, your guests and the crew)
    • Emergency towing
  • Automatic coverage for Marina as additional insured

Customer profile

  • United States and Canadian-based, privately-owned luxury yachts with a full-time captain and/or crew
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